Martin Liljeholm

In my professional work as a gamekeeper FeedCon is of great assistance for me since using FeedCon makes me save a lot of time and money every year. FeedCon helps me feed the game with better precision and at the right moment. I also use the activity sensor witch saves me a lot of fodder when the game not has been one the feeding place.

Martin LiljeholmGamekeeper - at Fållnäs & Djursnäs Säteri

Niklas Olofsson

I am very happy and satisfied with FeedCon! The best with FeedCon is that I now know that there always is food in the feeder! I have experience from times before FeedCon, when we ran out of food for a couple of days, then they animals disappeared. Now, when I have control over the food, the expectations are much higher from the whole hunting team! It is also fun to look into app and see what is going on with your feeder. Before I had now idea and that worried me! When we have been hunting on the place I know that the animals will be gone for a while and through FeedCon I will be informed when they are back so we can hunt again. That is really great! On top of this I do save both time and money since I do not have to travel approx 45 minutes, one way, to check status. The support from Nordic Gamekeeper has been great, also on weekends.

Niklas OlofssonSwedish Hunter

Magnus Sivander

FeedCon is really easy to use and it gives me full control. The best with FeedCon is that I can run my feeders from home and that I know that there always is food for the Vild boar. If the food runs out, the wild boars disappear. When we are planning to hunt I put in some extra feeding times the day before, so I know they will stay in the area. It is very easy to do that in the app. There I can also see at what time they usually comes, so I do not have to leave home until a couple of hours before the usually comes, that is so good since it saves me many hours of extra waiting. It is easy to get you money back when you buy a FeedCon. I save so much money on not having to drive to my feeders to set new feeding times and check their status. Now I only drive out after I have received an alarm from FeedCon. The new complete Feeder Machines are safer, more stabile and last a long time! You get what you pay for and I think if is a good investment to buy these. And feedCon is included in these new complete feeders. We will gradually change our feeders to those who contains 500 liter so we do not have to go to them so often to fill up since we now gets an alarm if something is not right. It is easier in so many ways.

Magnus SivanderResponsible for wildlife management - on Hjulebergs Estate, Sweden

Stefan Bengtsson

We cannot afford not to use FeedCon! There’s no wasted time when I use FeedCon! In a wildlife management with a limited number of man-hour, it is a great advantage to know that there is always food in the feeder machines. Since we are using FeedCon we do not have to drive and check the feeders unnecessarily. FeedCon simplifies our work and save us many hours. When feeding poultry, it is important to use the right amount of food, on a daily basis. Not too little and not too much so it will attract the wild boars. I can now control all of this even though I travel a lot. Quiet and peacefully, I use the phone and control and check that everything works, as it should.

Stefan BengtssonGame Manager and founder - of Scandinavian Prohunters AB

Ulf Pihl

FeedCon works beyond expectation! With us it is very important that we have effective products that works all the time and FeedCon saves us a lot of job and a lot of driving. FeedCon sends us an alarm if something does not work. When we are hunting do we use FeedCon to increase the food at some places and decrease on others to keep the wild game where we want it and the results of the hunts are much better now! We are impressed by how well it works, and we see only advantages by using FeedCon!

Ulf PihlTrolle-Ljungby Estate