Technical Specification

We recommend you to use a rechargeable 12 Volts battery. The ampere-hour (ah) should be 4.5 or more. In our own complete Feeders we use a marine/leisure battery on 75 ah when we connect them to FeedCon.
We recommend a leisure / marine battery of about 75ah.
FeedCon is highly water resistant and weatherproof since the circuit board is totally coated in a special coating that is extremely resistant to moisture and water. FeedCon is very temperature-resistant since the electronics can tolerate both very high and very low temperatures.
In FeedCon there is built-in sim card from Telias M2M system. Only minimum coverage required for FeedCon to work. FeedCon is functioning both in Europe (supported by all major telecom operators) and in USA (AT&T coverage).
FeedCon is theft-proof since it can be locked by the owner / user if it disappears. Obviously, the user can unlock FeedCon again if necessary.
Every six hours FeedCon connects to the server to leave and receive data. This means that changed settings in e.g. feeding schedule occurs at this time. You can see in the app when the next update occurs. On the other hand, if there is an alarm then FeedCon immediately sends an alarm to the app and to your e-mail address.
A feedCon consumes about 3-4 milliamperes during normal operation, which is very low power consumption in relation to motor operation, possibly led light and self-discharge of the battery. For example, is a leisure / marine battery on 75Ah enough to run FeedCon in approximately 3 years.