Nothing, FeedCon has a built-in safety system to prevent short circuits if connected incorrectly.
We recommend a leisure / marine battery of about 75ah.
Disconnect the battery (and possibly Solar Panel), plug the power back on and start a calibration in FeedCon app. Then the motor will turn three short strokes and then run in 6 seconds. This calibration is done within 5 minutes. NOTE: Important that the battery is charged and the there is food in the feeder!
1. Download the app on the Appstore if you have an Apple phone or the Play Store if you have an android phone. 2. Open the app and register the account, you will need to supply an email address. 3. Once you have done this, a registration email will be sent to your email address with a clickable link. After clicking the link, your account in FeedCon is clear and you can log into the app. 4. In the app you can now add feeders with FeedCon and make the settings / schedule you want.
Download FeedCon app from the Play Store (Android) or the Appstore (iPhone or iPad). Create an account, add a FeedCon by choosing your specific type of feeder in the feeder list on which FeedCon are to be mounted on.