No, FeedCon is active when you buy it and the purchase includes one-year subscription. FeedCon has a fixed built-in SIM card (embedded SIM).
For someone else to be able to see the status of your feeders in the FeedCon app they need to log into the app with the same email address and password as you logged in. Tip! If you are a hunting team that shares one or more feeders you can create a common Gmail account. For example you can choose a name for your hunting team and use that: and a common password. Then it's easy for anyone in the hunting team to log into the app in their telephone and get information and alarms from FeedCon.
Yes, FeedCon can be moved between different feeders / brands. When FeedCon is moved to a new feeder you need to calibrate it in the FeedCon app. This is done by choosing the feeder in the configuration menu in the app.
Yes, FeedCon is compatible with all 12-volt timer controlled feeders available on the market.
The cost for the subscription is included in the FeedCon prize for the first 3 months. The cost for following year is 51 Euro per year and the subscription is paid annually. This prize includes all telephone traffic, services in the app, support as well as future updates.
As many as you need. There is no limit.