We recommend you to use a rechargeable 12 Volts battery. The ampere-hour (ah) should be 4.5 or more. In our own complete Feeders we use a marine/leisure battery on 75 ah when we connect them to FeedCon.
No, FeedCon is active when you buy it and the purchase includes one-year subscription. FeedCon has a fixed built-in SIM card (embedded SIM).
Nothing, FeedCon has a built-in safety system to prevent short circuits if connected incorrectly.
We recommend a leisure / marine battery of about 75ah.
Disconnect the battery (and possibly Solar Panel), plug the power back on and start a calibration in FeedCon app. Then the motor will turn three short strokes and then run in 6 seconds. This calibration is done within 5 minutes. NOTE: Important that the battery is charged and the there is food in the feeder!
If you receive this alarm, the Led Light is maybe broken or not connected properly. The alarm indicates that no / little power passes through the Led Light. Verify that the Led Light works by connecting it directly to a power source (e.g. battery). Make sure it is properly connected to the lamp pins on your FeedCon. The Led Light can be tested by performing a new calibration (restart FeedCon required). If the light does not work, contact the Nordic Gamekeeper's support. NOTE: Be careful not to connect too powerful LED light since the system only tolerate LED light that consumes less than 5 A current (less than 60 W). NOTE! You can get this alarm if you have lowered the settings on the led light strength to a very low %. Then you can ignore this alarm.
FeedCon is highly water resistant and weatherproof since the circuit board is totally coated in a special coating that is extremely resistant to moisture and water. FeedCon is very temperature-resistant since the electronics can tolerate both very high and very low temperatures.
For someone else to be able to see the status of your feeders in the FeedCon app they need to log into the app with the same email address and password as you logged in. Tip! If you are a hunting team that shares one or more feeders you can create a common Gmail account. For example you can choose a name for your hunting team and use that: xxxx@gmail.com and a common password. Then it's easy for anyone in the hunting team to log into the app in their telephone and get information and alarms from FeedCon.
Yes, FeedCon can be moved between different feeders / brands. When FeedCon is moved to a new feeder you need to calibrate it in the FeedCon app. This is done by choosing the feeder in the configuration menu in the app.
This alarm indicates that the calibration has failed. Check that the battery and the motor are connected correctly and that nothing is blocking the motor. Try turning the motor shaft manually and make sure that it rotates relatively freely and is not stuck (be sure to unplug the battery first so the engine does not start unexpectedly and cause injury). If the problem persists, contact Nordic Gamekeepers support.