Frequently Asked Questions

This alarm indicates that the calibration has failed. Check that the battery and the motor are connected correctly and that nothing is blocking the motor. Try turning the motor shaft manually and make sure that it rotates relatively freely and is not stuck (be sure to unplug the battery first so the engine does not start unexpectedly and cause injury). If the problem persists, contact Nordic Gamekeepers support.
Yes, FeedCon can be moved between different feeders / brands. When FeedCon is moved to a new feeder you need to calibrate it in the FeedCon app. This is done by choosing the feeder in the configuration menu in the app.
The battery that supplies FeedCon box with power is almost empty and needs to be replaced /recharged as soon as possible.
No, FeedCon is active when you buy it and the purchase includes one-year subscription. FeedCon has a fixed built-in SIM card (embedded SIM).
It indicates that the food is about to run out in the feeder. Visit your feeder and fill up with food. Remember to reset your Level Indicator after filling up with food. If you have problems with your Level Indicator, verify that the sensor works by measuring the sensor inputs on your FeedCon. The voltage will go from 2.5 V to 0 V when the sensor is activated. Contact Nordic Gamekeepers Support for more help.
If you get this alarm the FeedCon system has restarted. If this was an unexpected event it may indicate that the system has power problems, such as due to low battery, or the battery is not connected properly. It is more likely that the system will restart in connection with a failure of the motor to start when the battery is not delivering enough power for both motor and FeedCon. In this case the feeding fails. Note that the alarm indicates a restart of the system and that it is now up and running again. It is possible that it was only a temporary problem with the power supply if the problem is not recurring. If you suspect that an unauthorized person has been manipulated with your FeedCon it is a good idea to visit your feeder and make sure everything is ok. Contact Nordic Gamekeepers Support for more help.
If you receive this alarm, and not have the opportunity to visit your FeedCon, remove the alarm and wait for 24 hours. Have you after 24 hours not received a new syncning you may need to visit your feeder and restart FeedCon. Verify that the green LED flashes on FeedCon after restart. If not, FeedCon can be damaged and need replacing. If the error is frequently recurrent or are not resolved by the above, please contact the Nordic Gamekeepers support.
Download FeedCon app from the Play Store (Android) or the Appstore (iPhone or iPad). Create an account, add a FeedCon by choosing your specific type of feeder in the feeder list on which FeedCon are to be mounted on.
Every six hours FeedCon connects to the server to leave and receive data. This means that changed settings in e.g. feeding schedule occurs at this time. You can see in the app when the next update occurs. On the other hand, if there is an alarm then FeedCon immediately sends an alarm to the app and to your e-mail address.
As many as you need. There is no limit.